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A Denver restaurant serving sandwiches.


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Freaking DELICIOUS. I've ordered from this place like 6 times in the last 2 weeks. Excellent ingredients. Well-made sandwiches. Attention to detail. All-around awesome. (I recommend the TNT.)

Also, to the other two reviewers (as of the time of this writing); (1) "no" is neither a helpful nor necessary comment; express your concerns with more than 2 letters, because I honestly have no idea what you found wrong with this place (and, seeing as how this is a business upon which actual human beings' livelihoods rely, I think these people deserve more than a one-word, nondescript condemnation); (2) to the person who said that Mr. Lucky's bread is "like razors on the roof of your mouth," that's effing preposterous; MAYBE you caught them on a bad day, but I doubt it - their bread has been excellent every time I've ordered from them; and you know that a baguette is supposed to have an exterior/crust that's a bit harder than the interior, right?

This sandwich place is the best I've found in Denver (and I've tried at least 20 places over the past 5 years). I highly recommend trying it out.


Top Reviewer
Every time I order from Mr. Lucky's, it's amazing. The bread is crusty outside, soft and delicate inside. The meats and veggies they use are fresh. The bacon is always perfectly crispy, and the avocado is never under-ripe. It's difficult to find an all around great sandwich shop that checks all of the boxes. Mr. Lucky's checks those boxes and then some. I refuse to order sandwiches from any other place.


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I had driven by this place many times in wanted to eat here for a couple years. Today I got the opportunity and used grub hub to have it delivered. The sandwich was honestly pretty average and the bread was actually stale. I'm sad with a level of disappointment I feel.


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Fantastic. I occasionally make large orders (talking 10+ meals) to feed some office groups last minute, and this location has always delivered with grace and excellent customer service. Delicious sandwiches, great staff: 11/10, do recommend.


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How to express how much I love Mr. Lucky's! By far the best sub EVER. I get the Italian. Everyone at work is hooked on them and we get delivery at least once a week. Always fresh, correct and on time. LOVE this place!

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